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In a word - everyone! I offer a tailor-made service to anyone interested in learning to cook or trying new dishes or styles of cookery.

And it's not just cooking I can help with. If you are designing a new kitchen and want advice on how layout can make cooking simpler, or the best basic equipment to suit your needs, I can help.

Perhaps you have always wanted to build up an effective larder you can manage with an online shopping list for your supermarket of choice - after all, having the right basics at hand can mean the difference between making a delicious and economical dinner in minutes at home or being tempted to make another guilty trip to the takeaway.

Here are a few of the reasons why YOU would benefit from Cook with Lisa...


Newlyweds - Cooking alone isn't as fun as creating tasty meals as a couple! But how do you balance your different likes and dislikes? Lisa can help counsel your culinary mis-matches. It's a common truth than when a woman gets married, the love goes straight to her hips, but I can help make sure the comfort foods he loves are healthy and delicious too so you both benefit from an energy boost.

A busy work and social life might have left you both with little time for cooking, so I can take you through a number of dishes which can be whipped up in minutes and still taste gourmet. If you both have a wide circle of friends, then knowing professional tricks to throwing an impressive dinner party with the minimum effort can be your little secret!


Singles - If you find you're cooking the same tired old meals over and over or hearing the ping of the microwave a little too often, then you need some Cook With Lisa inspiration to make your mealtimes more exciting!

I'll teach you how to save both time and money by batch-baking wonderful meals in bulk to freeze for the future, giving you all the flavour of a home cooked dish with the convenience of a ready meal and saving your cash too. In the same amount of time it takes you to order and collect a takeaway I will show you how to make something far tastier at home.

And if you don't plan to be a solitary chef much longer, I can help you devise the perfect romantic dinner at home - and make myself scarce before your date arrives so the compliments are all yours!


Parents and Children - Does your son scrunch his face up at vegetables? Is your daughter freaked out by the thought of fish? Do you ever worry your little ones aren't getting a nourishing, tasty and wholesome diet? Well, a session with Lisa could change all that.

When it comes to making delicious and nutritious meals your children will devour and you will feel happy to give them, I offer sessions exclusively for parents where I can help hide 5-a-day portions of veggies in the most unexpected places (Pumpkin Chocolate Cake is a big hit!).

But often the best way to get your children to try new things is to let them help cook at mealtimes, which is why I'm happy to let little ones join in my courses. I find most children love nothing more than making dish like pasta, breads and of course treats like cookies - and they seem much keener to try the results of their hard work, even if it includes ingredients they previously turned their noses up at!


New Mums - Having a baby can be an exciting time - but let's be honest, it's often stressful and tiring. Why not Cook With Lisa on your maternity leave and stock your freezer with easy to bake comfort foods packed with nutrition and simple to reheat when you will have more things to worry about, like nappy changes and endless rounds of visitors?

I can advise on quick suppers which take half an hour to put together while baby sleeps and take you through some tasty homemade baby foods so when your little one begins weaning they will enjoy healthy, delicious meals from the start.


Healthy Eaters - If you're working out and striving to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle I can help make sure you achieve your goal. By filling your fridge and cupboards with healthy snacks it's easy to make the shift to healthy eating.

I'll help put some zing in your lunchbox - if sandwiches aren't leaving you satisfied why not give my quick Moroccan Couscous a try? There's no reason for salads to be a load of limp leaves with my Superfoods Special.

Eating healthily is a change of lifestyle and if you Cook With Lisa you will find it can be every bit - if not more - delicious than indulging in naughty treats.


Slimmers - I know how hard it is to diet when you love food. I have fought this battle myself but managed to lose four stone through devising delicious, balanced meals.

If you've found slimming plan which helps you shed the pounds I can make sure you max out on flavour while your waistline shrinks. Diets often fail when meal plans become repetitive and boring, so let me introduce you to some new dishes which follow the principles of the plan you are following. For example, if you're fed up of the vegetable soup you've been lunching on for weeks, why not try my Butternut Squash Soup? If that jacket potato with tuna topping is looking dull perhaps Asian Tuna without Mayonnaise! will make it look hot again.

Missing some of your favourite 'downfall' foods? Then instead of giving in to your cravings, let me show you how to adapt your comfort food favourites and make them healthy and nutritious so you don't risk falling off the diet plan.


Cooking on a Budget - If you want to survive the credit crunch then your best bet is to get cooking. By using seasonal vegetables, less popular cuts of meat and smart shopping you can eat like a king on the budget of a pauper!

Let me take you to the supermarket and show you some tricks to make sure your money goes further with the weekly shop. I can also prove that cooking from scratch will save you a fortune over the coming months and teach you how to use leftovers to make delicious meals.

Cook once eat the next day!

Leftover Roast Chicken  Chicken Risotto

Leftover Roast Beef   Thai Beef Salad

Leftover Fresh Salmon   Salmon Potato Cakes


Party With Lisa - Got lots of single friends? Want to arrange a fun night to all meet up and perhaps find romance? Well, as the route to both a man and a woman's heart is through their stomach, why not book a session on the Cooking Connection programme. I will teach you and your single friends how to make a delicious meal and while you have fun creating it you could be cooking up a little romance too. A fun change from meeting in a bar, it will get you talking and avoid uncomfortable introductions or awkward pauses.


Children's Party - Want to throw a children's birthday party with a difference? I'm happy to cook with small groups of children and teach them some fun recipes which will turn into the birthday tea so you don't have to worry about the catering. Each child will leave with a bag of Cook with Lisa foodie gifts including aprons and chef hats, so leave the party packs to me!

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