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I enjoyed your classes and meeting you.  The puff pastry today was superb - my husband thought it was the best ever !  Thank you for passing on great cooking tips which I will now be using for the rest of my life.
I wish you all the best.
Sarchen, London

Having had a hectic career in TV, I took to the kitchen late in life.   But I lacked confidence.   You have changed all that!    I have so enjoyed my weekly class with you, shopping for my ingredients, doing the practical stuff in a group, learning new techniques, and coming home with a completely new and inspired dish for dinner!   The whole experience has been a pleasure, and such fun, and has now added truly delicious, tested and trusted recipes to my repertoire.   Your relaxed and passionate teaching methods made the class so enjoyable.  Thank you!    I look forward to my next course.
Janine A.

Before joining Lisa's beginners course at the HGSI everyone knew my motto was "don't cook, wont cook"  after 10 years of marriage and never providing my husband with a meal and with a real fear of the kitchen a cookery course was never on my to do list. However, when faced with an ultimatum of not having my house renovated unless I knew how to cook I reluctantly signed up for the course. Well,...what can I say, Lisa instilled in me a real love for cooking that I never knew I had and no other person has managed to find. I signed up for the next course as soon as the dates were available and am looking forward to taking my third course with Lisa in June. I am also very excited for my new kitchen and I have found out that food really is the way to a man’s heart !! Thank you Lisa I can’t thank you enough and my husband is even more grateful :-)
Deborah Roberts
The Stews & Casseroles course was the second course of Lisa’s that I have attended. Throughout it was fun and, as on the previous course, not only were the recipes fantastic, but Lisa gives out so many useful tips for the food preparation as well as the cooking. All the recipes have gone down very well with my family and I look forward to making them again, many times.
Michael Angel

Really enjoyed class at LJCC this morning. Would be very interested to hear about yr other courses. You have a lovely way with you, passed on some useful ideas and hints - and I am now looking forward to a scrumptious lunch!

Michele Bentata

Just wanted to thank you for an absolutely lovely day yesterday.  I enjoyed it so much.  Cooking really is my hobby – and to get the opportunity to learn from someone as yourself is a gift.

Colette S

Just a short note to thank you for showing me how to make sushi on Sunday morning.
I really enjoyed the lesson and cannot wait to get down to the shops and buy my ingredients - and getting started.

I had previously taken an NVQ in Chef’s skills and was unsure what to expect but I have thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s class because:

She demonstrates the cooking techniques in a way that is clear and easy to follow for students regardless of their experience . She has a friendly, inclusive style of teaching that makes ALL of the class feel involved. She shares tips for how to achieve impressive presentation and to avoid pitfalls 
Her recipes are varied and, most importantly, taste and look great!

Barry Cohen

I liked the course because the things we made were yummy.  It felt funny when all the dough stuck to my hands. Lisa is a very very good cook.   Lisa is nice and a very good cooking teacher.  I learned a lot and I can roll out dough properly.  I want to do another cooking class.
Tabitha aged 6 ½

I finished Lisa's Complete Beginner Cookery School a few months ago, and it's been the results since then have been really important to me.During the School itself, I valued her clear instructions on the day, her clear email briefings in advance, and her focus on making us do the best we could do, rather than showing off in demonstrating but not teaching. 

In the months since the Course finished I've learned:

1. Cooking is not a precise art - natural ingredients have natural variations and you have to be prepared to add a little extra or a little less
2. Cooking is a precise art - adding just a bit more flour to pastry, or a bit less air to egg whites, has more than a bit of an effect on the result
3. As well as eyes for reading recipes and timers, we have a nose for smelling when something may be ready (or burning)
4. Experimenting is fine - different people have different tastes and styles (eg my untidiness is my 'rustic' style)
5. Preparation is vital - getting ingredients to hand, and a plan of action to follow

There's loads more. The recipes were designed to introduce us to, and then develop, new skills and, therefore, confidence. The classes were very focused on what we were doing, but with the ability to ask Lisa or each other for guidance. Lisa had a confidence-boosting You Can Do This approach, rather than a This Is Tricky And You'll Probably Fail attitude. If The Institute had asked for feedback I would have happily given the course 9/10 - and if I hadn't had to lug the ingredients via the tube in the rain it would have been 10/10.

If they asked now, it would be way over 10/10.

Mike L

Lisa took us headlong into the world of culinary delights. Cholla the first week followed by fruit flan and Spatchcock Chicken. My friends and family were astounded not just because I was there in the first place but because it all tasted delicious. This from a man who considered cooking baked beans and not burning their toast worthy of a gourmet TV show. Well done Lisa. You are single handily changing the lives of the Jewish women of North London. There is a movement to make you a compulsory wedding gift for all grooms!

David Simmons


Lisa did my daughters 7th birthday party last week and people are still talking to me about it! Not only did my daughter have a great time but all her friends said they had the best time, and the mums enjoyed eating the food the kids brought home with them!! The party was very well organised. The helpers Lisa had were great with the kids and worked very well as a team. The food was delicious and I would definitely recommend a cook with Lisa party for many ages from 7 years and up. A big thank you to Lisa for making my daughters party everything she hoped it would be!

Charlotte B


"Not only is Lisa an excellent teacher, but she also has the special quality of making you feel comfortable regardless of your ability or confidence level. Her teaching style and chef tips are excellent and I feel like she really cares about her students and their progress. My experience at Cook with Lisa was very positive and I have would recommend her classes to anyone – I now feel excited to make dinner parties for friends rather than nervous!"



"I feel the Cook with Lisa class has really benefited me, I have learnt a lot, Lisa is a very good teacher who motivates us all to fulfil our potential. In the future I look forward to attending another Cook with Lisa course! Especially Lisa"

Adam Teagle


"I’ve had a fantastic time learning new flavours, cooking methods and taste. You’ve taught the class in a lovely mild manner – showing us how to cook things most of us would never have attempted. It has been a pleasure! And I look forward to attending more classes with you."

Katie Frankel


"I wanted to thank you so much for teaching us all about how to make sushi in your class on Sunday. When I got home and showed my family the selection I'd made, they were really impressed. Your class was both informative and very entertaining. As well as the main topic, I really appreciated that you gave us other hints and tips along the way. I had such a fabulous time and you've inspired me to continue practicing!"

Michelle Lipowicz


"Wednesday mornings have become a highlight of my week, first on the Basic Cookery Course and then on the Further Aspects course. Not only have I learned techniques such as knife skills, sauces, bread making, pastry, pasta, fish and many more; there are many dishes which are now part of our regular meals. Unbelievably I am now one of those mothers who can whip up a batch of cupcakes (professionally iced!!) for school and can put together a Sunday lunch or dinner party with confidence. The courses have not only been highly enjoyable but very well organised and taught. Lisa really goes above and beyond to cater for everyone as individuals, with amazing patience and humour. My only problem now is which one of Lisa’s courses to do next. "

Vicky Marshall


"I have recently retired and wanted to expand my range of cooking skills. Lisa’s lessons have been great fun and a lot of hard work. I have already repeated a number of the recipes at home to great approval. Lisa has given me the confidence to try out more difficult meals in the future and I look forward to entertaining our family and friends. The special tips each week are very valuable. My fellow cooks on the course were very friendly throughout and always willing to help each other. I hope to come to future courses with Lisa in order to add more to my knowledge and skills."

Michael Angel


"We received this cooking lesson with Lisa as a gift. Both my husband and I are pretty confident in the kitchen, so we were somewhat sceptical about how much we would learn. We deliberately chose something we had never cooked before and we were delighted with the results. We also received some really helpful advice on how to organise and prepare your food in advance of your party to ensure you have ample time to enjoy your guests. We should also mention that the "mini mushroom & cheese tarts" are now a party favourite! Thanks again Lisa!"

Amber & David


"Thanks for all your help on the course. Since we finished the course have been cooking a lot more. Have the confidence now to follow recipes and cook meals from fresh. Am looking forward this year to expanding my repertoire of meals for the family. Am aiming to try a new meal each week."



"I undertook my first course with Lisa as a total idiot in the kitchen for whom cooking was a chore. Three courses later, I have to say my attitudes and skills have been totally transformed. I have learned to bake breads, pasta, pastries and cakes, butcher meat and fish, prepare vegetables and cook a variety of meals from light lunches to everyday dinners to restaurant quality, full dinner party menus. I have been taught culinary techniques and invaluable tips and tricks, been introduced to new tastes and ingredients, (and reintroduced to new, (to me!), methods for old ingredients!), and learned a lot about how to present food beautifully and professionally.
Coming from an initial objective of learning to cook a few decent dinners, I have found as my confidence has grown, that I have developed a real interest in cooking and with the skills I have learned feel I can tackle almost anything. So the dust has been blown off the mysterious electrical gadgets and gizmos that used to hide at the back of the kitchen cupboard, and the pristine and unthumbed cookery books are now looking slightly dog eared, stained and well used.
Lisa is Cordon Bleu trained and teaches contemporary cookery and old favourites with great expertise, professionalism, incredible patience and amazing good humour and her great love for food and cookery is obvious.
So thank you so much Lisa, cooking is no longer a chore but an enjoyable experience. I can wholehearted recommend Lisa’s courses to anyone, whether on a one to one basis or part of a group, from beginner to advanced cooks, - you will certainly gain a lot and enjoy the process. "



"I would like to thank you very much for the recent course. I enjoyed it very much and equally importantly, learned a lot. You provided very helpful guidance whilst letting us get on with preparing and cooking a range of dishes. This meant we worked as a group, which was very helpful. Perhaps the most important aspect for me was providing the confidence to recognise that I could actually cook. Since the last session, I have cooked successfully several kinds of soup, curries and casseroles. I passed the acid test of my wife being complimentary about my efforts"

Barry Atkinson


"I asked Lisa to help me learn to cook for two reasons. Firstly, I was the king of take-away with a draw full of take-away menu's. I realised I needed to change this from a health point of view but also you know things have got out of hand when you get Christmas and Birthday cards from your local take-aways. I was also a standing joke with my friends as whenever I hosted a dinner party I would ask them to each do one of the courses. Lisa taught me that cooking at home on a daily basis can actually be easy, quick, relaxing and FUN! Since I finished my classes with Lisa I have hosted a number of dinner parties with my friends and they can't believe some of the dishes I have cooked for them"



"I very much enjoyed taking part in the cooking course and I’d like to participate in a similar type of course in the future.
Thank you so much for the cooking course Lisa, I enjoyed it immensely!"

Kids Company


"My friend Manuel and I did a cooking lesson with Lisa and we had a ball! We are both beginners in terms of cooking skills, but Lisa helped us choose a fabulous Thai menu and together we made two gorgeous curries and the best Thai beef salad I have ever had. I highly recommend booking a lesson with Lisa because it's FUN! It's a great alternative to an evening out..."

Jeanne & Manuel


"Lisa came to our house to do a cooking lesson with my 10, 9 and 7 year old children. They had such a ball that they keep asking me when Lisa will be coming back for their next lesson. It's a wonderful way to spend a rainy Saturday morning, and with the added benefit that a gourmet lunch is on the table when the kids finish their lesson! "

Chase, Zoe & Gracie


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my 10 week cookery class with Lisa and will be signing up for another 10 weeks. I have learnt simple things like how to chop an onion and more complicated things like a Seasonal Fruit Tart with Crème Patisserie. No more shop bought or take away Pizza’s I can make my own very quickly and everyone helps with their own toppings! My children love Wednesdays when they sample the new recipes I have made and then beg me to make them again. Most importantly Lisa’s classes have given me back my love of cooking and confidence in the kitchen."

Sloan Gibson
Cookery Course at The Institute


"I want to thank you for teaching a complete novice how to cook. Following the death of my wife (a wondrous cook) I was faced with learning how to look after myself for the very first time in my life. Frankly, I hardly knew how to turn on the oven.
Now just after four lessons you have given me the confidence to prepare my own meals.
So whether is it’s fried eggs, steaks, roast chicken, spaghetti bolognaise, roast potatoes, chicken and cashews with broccoli, mashed potatoes, omelettes, petit pois, meatballs in barbeque sauce,...oh the list is endless!
I am a chef, already! You must be a genius.
Thank you so much."

Anthony Levy


"Lisa helped me turn an interest into a hobby and now all I have to worry about is my waistline. For a cack-handed, male, diabetic pensioner.... that's not bad"

Jeff Baitman,
Cookery Course at the Institute


"Before learning to cook with Lisa I would have been hard pushed to scramble an egg. My lack of cooking ability has been a bit of a running joke at home. However, thanks to Lisa's patience, skill and amazing recipes (not to mention good humour) I am now able to produce food that brings people running to the table and asking for seconds. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and sense of camaraderie as we tackled dishes from around the globe and my palette has been broadened as much as my cooking skills. Wednesdays will never be the same!"

Lisa Goodyear,
Cookery Course at the Institute


"I have loved doing this cooking course with Lisa! I decided to do it because my cooking skills were very limited to say the least & my husband virtually begged me to do it. Not only are he & my son enjoying all the new dishes I've been making but I've also started a weekly supper club where girlfriends & I cook together. It's given me real confidence & been such fun. Lisa is a antastic teacher, she manages to make the classes enjoyable & is incredibly patient! I never thought I’d be making things like risotto, meatballs & my Sons birthday cake!!!"

Claire Cyzer,
Cookery Course at the Institute


"Cooking with Lisa really was great fun. She has a calm manner and she never seems to get flustered, which is an essential skill when teaching cookery. Not only did she show us how to make some delicious dishes, she also showed us how to pre-prepare a few things so that when our friends came over for a dinner party, we were ultra prepared. Her little culinary tips are invaluable and she was able to show us what items we needed in our kitchen. Her expertise is absolutely worth every single penny!"

Angela and Ben Novick


"This was by far the best and the most useful experience I have ever had in cooking. I previously knew how to cook for myself but now I can invite friends over for dinner and feel confident about the taste and the presentation of the food. I have learnt how to prepare some simple stuff like pizza as well as some “posh” meals like Whole Baked Sea bass in Banana Leaves. It has definitely built my confidence in preparing meals. The best part is that you can take home everything you have prepared and enjoy a great evening sharing food with whomever you have invited. Thanks to Lisa and the cookery school courses my friends have now got used to coming to my place on Wednesdays - I cannot get rid of them! :-)"

Renata Grgek,
Cookery Course at the Institute


"Cooking with Lisa was fun, educational and above all very tasty! I learnt some fantastic new recipes which I will definitely cook again. They were so delicious but completely manageable. I also learnt great new tips from how to cut vegetables properly, to learning how to cook those simple things that always seem to go wrong. I will definitely be booking another course with Lisa and would recommend anyone to have a go! You will love it!"

Davinia Teacher


"I know Lisa through some children cookery courses she taught here, The Institute in East Finchley, during the summer. I contacted her because the teacher who was contracted to teach our popular Cookery School courses had to leave. Although it was at a very short notice and with little induction from my part, Lisa has proved to be an excellent teacher. She is extremely professional, very conscientious and very enthusiastic about food. These qualities have been a contributing factor to the success of the course. So much so, that the current students want not only to carry on next year but will cater for the Staff Christmas Party, where we are expecting around 80 people. Lisa has been a real asset to the cookery team here at the college."

Barbara Mansi,
Head of Leisure & Language


"Cooking with Lisa was great fun – like having a friend round to help you cook dinner but one better – this friend helps wash up. By the end of the session, I’d picked up lots of tips about Jewish ingredients and cooking techniques, the house was filled with delicious aromas (my husband was in seventh heaven when he opened the front door), and we had a table laden with hearty, home-cooked food. Perfect."

Rose Smith,
food and drink editor,
Fabric magazine


"Hilary and I really enjoyed our cooking lesson and we will definitely be signing up for some more sessions.

The comprehensive shopping list you provided in advance made things very easy and I now have a fully stocked store cupboard of essentials which is useful.

Thanks to your step by step instructions we produced a really excellent meal which I feel confident I would be able to reproduce for a dinner party. I am looking forward to having a go."

Joanna & Hilary


"Birthday girl 'I didn't like my party I LOVED it'.

Saydee and Daysee had a ball. All the children said they really enjoyed the cooking party. It was something that they had not done before."

Michelle Brown


"We were given a course of cooking lessons with Lisa as an engagement present and have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons so far. Lisa is very organised and patient and has helped us to make full use of our kitchen equipment (including things we didn't know we had!). We have both picked up some useful techniques to take the stress out of entertaining! Our lessons have been planned to cover a diverse range of recipes with dinner parties in mind and we have had great fun testing out the meals on our friends following each lesson."

Michelle & Steve


"It has been a pleasure welcoming Lisa into our home. She has taught us what we never thought we were capable of. Lisa is very thoughtful and patient – especially with my 4 year old. We all think she’s great and can’t wait ‘til the next lesson. Thanks Lisa!"

Simmone Angel


"We were delighted to welcome Lisa Roukin - of Cook with Lisa – to The Institute for our first ever Creative Holiday Camps. Located at our beautiful new Arts Centre off Bishops Avenue, the childrens’ summer camps ran for three weeks from July 20 to August 7 2009 inclusive. On offer was a varied programme of cooking, craft, pottery and digital art. The children simply loved their sessions in the kitchen with Lisa where they made a delicious and nutritious menu of vegetable-topped pizza, cup cakes iced in a range of amazing colours, bubble and squeak - and challah every Friday. Lisa’s warmth and charm, her rapport with the children and her passion for cooking wholesome, tasty fun food won over even the most reluctant young cooks. Standing in the foyer at the end of the day - as the children rushed to show their mothers proudly what they had cooked - was a really happy moment for everyone. We loved having Lisa here – and we loved getting the left-over’s too – and we look forward to welcoming her at The Institute again in the near future."

Helen Harris,
PR & Events Coordinator.
The Institute Arts Centre


"I did a course with Lisa and surprised my Dad for his birthday with the most amazing meal with everything so beautifully presented. My dad absolutely loved it and loved every mouthful! I'm certainly in his good books for a long time! The course with Lisa was fantastic, fun, easy to follow and I now know how to make some wonderful meals! Thank you so much."

Jo Lipman


"It was great sharing the cooking with my husband for a change, the only problem is now I can’t get him out the kitchen! We learnt so many useful tips from Lisa that have made cooking much easier, and we now really enjoy making our 'Cook with Lisa' dishes together for our friends. I would highly recommend a lesson!"

Jo Kaye


"My afternoon with Lisa was not only educational but very enjoyable too. Her enthusiasm and passion for food is fully demonstrated through her service. I would highly recommend 'Cook with Lisa'."

Jo Brook


"I absolutely loved my afternoon of “Cook with Lisa”. I had 11 people coming for dinner and Lisa arrived at 2pm with all the shopping and a clear idea of what we would do first, which was lucky as cooking for that many would totally stress me out!

I learned how to make chicken soup and bread, followed by sweet and sour meatballs plus a vegetarian tagine and for desert we made cheesecake.

There is no way my head could have coped with everything that needed to be done and it was very reassuring to know that Lisa was on top of all the timings. She also made it a fun afternoon and I picked up loads of tips from chopping onions to cooking the perfect rice.
Lisa kept me so stress free and organized I'm not sure my guests believed I'd spent hours in the kitchen!"

Harriet Bloom


"Lisa came to do a cooking lesson with my 5 year old son and his friend.
Lisa engaged the children from start to finish from explaining how the weighing scales work to explaining all the different ingredients and smells. She kept their concentration the whole time by making the cooking fun and so interactive. She started by getting them to decorate their chef hats which the kids loved and eased them in slowly. Within 2 hours she had made pizzas from scratch, gingerbread men and Caramel Chocolate biscuits with them.
They loved every second and my son was calling himself a Sous chef by the end. He keeps asking me when he can do it again! I would definitely book a kids cooking party with Lisa any day. She is the best cook and a true professional even with 5 year olds."



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