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It couldn't be simpler to learn how to Cook With Lisa.

After booking you'll need to fill in a consultation form so I know what type of dishes you'd like to learn about during your private session.

I'll then send you a shopping list so when we cook together everything we need is to hand. I love shopping for food - so if you're not so keen, I can bring all the ingredients with me.*

I arrive half an hour before we cook to set up so we can concentrate on cooking not unpacking.

At the end of the session you'll be left with some delicious dishes and a smug smile on your face as you will now be confident enough to recreate these tasty meals any time you like!


A few other things to consider..

I usually teach between one and three students at a time so if you have a friend, partner or child who also wants to Cook with Lisa why not book a joint session?

When we cook, we usually make enough for four to six people meaning you can freeze some for later if you don't have guests coming to enjoy your work. And as you are already at home that means no juggling containers of food on public transport.

Cooking at home means you're more relaxed and we only make meals with the equipment you already have - there's no point learning to cook with fancy appliances if you have to spend hundreds on equipment just to make them at home.

I'm happy to help you host as well as help you cook - if you've got friends who are fab foodies and have made you feel nervous about making a dinner to impress them then let me help you unleash your inner chef. We can cook up a dinner party menu together and I will disappear before your guests arrive, leaving you to serve up a fantastic meal and collect some serious compliments.

A taste of the feedback

"I found the experience hassle free, there was no need to drive and find a parking place...I loved the convenience of cooking in my own home"

Emma Levy

'I loved the swanky new kitchen I got with my new flat but found the fab equipment really daunting - now Lisa has taught me how to appreciate it and it's become the centre of my home"

Natalie Livingston

"I've always been a vegetarian but wanted to cook meat for my husband, now he says my chicken soup is better than his mums, the ultimate compliment!"

Francesca Harris

"I wanted to learn the basics so I could understand where I was going wrong when following recipes, Lisa taught me that and more importantly given me confidence too."

David Miller

"Since learning to Cook With Lisa my shopping bills have gone down because I buy seasonally, choose cheaper cuts of meat and fish and know how to make basics like beans taste amazing - the quality of my meals has gone up 100%"

Louise Myers


* Please note that an additional charge of £10.00 is applied for the shopping service. However you will receive all you're shopping in a Cook with Lisa bag that you get to keep!

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